Author Biography

I was born in 1951 in Shirley, MA.  My father was from Tulsa, OK and in the Army and my mother was from York, PA.  When I was three years old, due to my father’s military service, we were stationed at Subic Air Base in the Philippines.  My father left the military in 1960 and we moved to Ventura, CA where he job a job as a television repair man.

In 1965, my father thought that he could support his family better overseas and so we moved to Brisbane, Australia.  Due to the Australian work system, my father would have to start as an apprentice and with five children to consider, we moved back to California.  I went to Tustin High School until my junior year and, since we lived in El Toro, when a high school  in Mission Viejo opened, I went there. I graduated in 1969.

I then went to Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa and received my AA in 1971.  I joined the Army Security Agency and had my basic training at Ft. Ord in Monterey, CA.  After basic training, I spent 48 weeks at the Defense Language Institute studying Russian.  After 3 months of technical training in San Angelo, TX, I was stationed in Berlin, Germany.

After my service was over, I went to the University of Kansas in Lawrence to try to get a degree in Russian.  I spent a summer semester in Leningrad.  Due to a misunderstanding with a guidance counselor, I ended up with an Education degree but I was not certified to teach.  In 1980, I moved back to California and worked in various public service jobs.

In 1990, I got a job as a telemarketer until 9/11 caused me to be laid off.  In 1999, I had a mild heart attack and was homeless by 2002.  After giving up drinking, I managed to get a room at Westside Service in Inglewood, CA and a job as a security guard.  When my parents died, one year apart, they left me and my sisters some money and I got an apartment through VASH near LAX.

I started work on my novel, The Corporate Whore of Babylon, when laid off from my security guard job.  It was influenced by an old dream I had and the public’s interest in “conspiracy theories.”

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