The theme of my novel, The Corporate Whore of Babylon, is the misuse of power and how it causes people to be led into doing things which they might not normally do.  It also centers on how people are easily manipulated by fear.  The main character, Detective James Gladd, is a man who has overcome some of his own demons and now, due to his involvement in solving a tycoon’s mysterious murder, must face different demons, both figuratively and in reality.  He is aided in this venture by a detective who, due to her own case which is linked to Gladd’s, joins in his hunt, and a wealthy techno-nerd who has a fondness for disguises.


The four sons of the murdered tycoon, William Babble, are forced to decide whether power is more important in their lives or whether they will do anything to help Detective Gladd and his friends.  When one of the four brothers decides to side with Goodness, he uses his power to help Gladd.  His older brothers, however, are sucked into a cult whose main purpose is to take over the world.


There are several references to sites which are dominant in a lot of today’s conspiracy theories, i.e. the Georgia Guidestones.  At the beginning of the book, there is a reference to the Mayan Prophecy about the end of the world which was a big news “item” in 2012.  Summer’s Place in Idaho, which is where the cult meets to draft their plans for world domination, is based on a slightly similar group in Northern California which was the focus of a television series.  So, one could say that this book is another standard story of good vs. evil, but then isn’t all of Life this same struggle?


English: Georgia Guidestones

English: Georgia Guidestones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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