Kirkus Review


Whore of Babylon (french illuminated "Boo...

Whore of Babylon (french illuminated “Book of Revelation”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may seem funny, maybe even egotistical, but I thought that I would give a few excerpts from a review that I received from Kirkus.  The main reasons that I am doing this are 1.)it’s my best review and 2.)Kirkus is considered THE most prestigious of all.  Now, I will admit that some of the compliments are left-handed, and I tend to agree with some of their points, so…  “Fritchie’s storyline is suspenseful, interesting and well-researched”.  Now after this, the reviewer says that I tend to tip my hand a bit, which I admit may be a bit true, but, come on!  It’s my first attempt at a novel and it was a bit rushed.  The next line that I would like to present is, “The narrative sometimes belabors a plot point or glosses big reveals, leaving the reader searching for a bit more explanation.”  Now, if I explained every little point and left nothing to the reader’s imagination,the book would probably be twice as long, don’t you think?  Finally, I would like to present their final line: “An exciting but awkwardly paced detective novel.”    As I said, not every author might consider these compliments as major kudos, but when you consider that I went from looking on the internet for a literary agent to having an independent publisher within one day, then I hope that you see this as at least a hopeful sign in your literary endeavors.  Besides, why would I brag about crappy reviews; I may be a bit odd, but I’m not an idiot!   So, with this all said, I hope that you will give my novel, The Corporate Whore of Babylon, an open-minded chance and good luck to those who wish to pursue writing as an occupation!




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