Reviews from Pitchfest 2013 Part II

Well, as Mr. Kosberg said in his remarks at Pitchfest 2013, “Not everyone’s first pitch will be successful.”  Unfortunately for me, this statement became reality.  Let me give you a brief rundown: out of 10 response cards, I received 3 Very’s for Originality; 4 Somewhat’s for Marketability; and 8 Needs Improvement as far as Effectiveness of Pitch.

As far as Best Medium for Adaptation: 3 for Studio Feature Film;1 for Independent Feature Film;1 for Television Series; 1 for Television MOW; and 1 for Theater.  There were also 3 who chose not to answer that part of the Response Card.  Six of the respondents were nice enough to give me some notes in the Feedback section.  The one response that all of them agreed on was: Not what our company is looking for at this time.

Now, with all of these factors taken into consideration, I would like to give my personal Responses.  Based on the fact that the majority of Responders said that I need improvement on the effectiveness of my pitch, I admit that they are correct.  I am not one who is used to making pitches.  I do, however, think that the 3 very originalities should count for something.  I also think that the 3 choices for a Studio Feature Film would be best served by someone working with me in order to make such a feature possible.

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