Reviews from Pitchfest 2013

Well, it’s been 16 days since I did my pitch for The Corporate Whore of Babylon.  What did I expect to get out of this?  Mostly a chance to bolster my confidence, but also a chance to see my book be either made into a movie or even a made-for-television film.

Well, allow me to give a brief presentation of what I received.  There were 8 tables at which I had to give my pitch within 2 minutes.  When I received a total of ten (?!) reviews, I was a bit surprised.  However, within my heart of hearts, what I received was not too surprising (we were even told that our first attempt might not get any results).  So it was with great reluctance, and a bit of fear, that I downloaded my reviews.  The first one was fairly encouraging in that I scored high in the category of Originality.  I was very happy to see that, but I was surprised that the reviewer did not list what Category of Media my book would be good for.  Unfortunately, this first review was the best that I could hope for.  There was one that suggested it as a movie, and another as a series, however, the most consistent comment that I received was: Not what our company is looking for at this time.

With all of this said, do I really think that the whole experience was worthwhile?  I suppose that I could lie and say that it was an exciting adventure and that I am eternally grateful for the opportunity, or I could be bitter and say that it was a waste of time and money

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