Conspiracy and Politics

In today’s politics, conspiracy theories seem to be the meat that is fed to the masses as

English: "At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE...

English: “At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE”, a flier first issued in 1955 to promote hygiene as a communist goal to destroy the U.S.A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a means of gaining power.  The main proponents of finding conspiracies in anything the current President tries to get done are the Tea Party and extreme right-wing groups.  When these types of groups try to explain their objections to the President’s actions, they rely on fear triggers such as “socialist”, “anti-American”, and “anti Second Amendment”.  The use of these words are reminiscent of the McCarthy era because they are familiar to older American voters who lived through those times.  Some of these phrases also appeal to uneducated voters, such as NRA advocates, i.e. “the government wants to take away your guns.”  These people believe that the Second Amendment gives them the right to “bear arms” at all times.  This is not true.  It was originally meant as a way of assembling militias during a time when our country was just beginning.

In my novel, I made the antagonist a wealthy man who uses the power of religion, in

this case a cult dedicated to a Babylonian goddess, to manipulate other wealthy power brokers into his servants.  This cult was based on a current conspiracy theory concerning a group called  “The Bohemian Grove”.  This is a real group of politicians, industrialists, and bankers who meet in Northern California once a year when “business” is to be forgotten.  Some people, however, believe that they are in league to form a One World Government.  This is what the cult of Inanna in my book represents.  Another favorite of conspiracy theorists is The Georgia Guide Stones.  This is a monument that was commissioned by an “unknown” group, supposedly The Rosicrusians, extolling genocide and, again, an One World government.

What, then, can we say about these conspiracies as far as politics are concerned?  I

Screenshot of a bad printed PDF of 2 pages of ...

Screenshot of a bad printed PDF of 2 pages of the Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

believe them to be nothing more than distractions that politicians use to satisfy the fringe elements of their party in order to stay in power.  The real conspiracy is never published in the media; it is kept in the dark so that sane and reasonable people will be taken by surprise when it is finally unveiled.  This is what the ending of my novel is trying to convey.

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