Chapter 19 (Excerpt)

Warren Babble had notified his other brothers that he would be going to the Economic Conference in Davos. While he was gone, Warren put Frederick in change of the day to day business of the company. Warren had the fullest confidence in Frederick and knew that he would not have to worry about anything while he was gone. He did ask Ms. Mercer to find some small things to keep Dizzy occupied while he was gone and if she ran out of things, then let Dizzy know that he was not needed at the office. Edwin would be

Chapter 1scouting out some locations because Warren was thinking about opening another branch since the company was expanding. Edwin would also be interviewing people to be his “assistant” when he was in Colorado, even though Warren was not aware of this. Based on the rules of the Temple, Warren did not have to know about this anyway. Warren was more concerned with his own standing in the Temple since he heard the news about the body found in Santa Monica. This definitely was not good. It only gave him a couple of days to find a replacement before leaving for Switzerland. He also did not like the idea of telling Levitsky that his man had failed.

FIVE DAYS LATER: The President, his staff and friends arrived in Switzerland on Saturday and were put in the Berghotel Schatzalp main suite which occupied the entire top floor. The Economic Summit would start in the evening at a formal dinner set up to welcome all of the delegates. The President used his free time conferring with his staff over a speech that he had been invited to give after the Swiss President’s welcoming speech. He knew what he wanted to say but there were a few phrases that he wanted to have changed. He had just gotten settled in when there was a knock at the door. The President’s Secret Service agent slowly opened the door and spoke to the person on the other side. After a minute, the agent indicated that the person should wait while he spoke to the President. When the President learned who was at the door, he asked his speech writers to leave the room and give him fifteen minutes alone. He then nodded to the agent who went and opened the door for the visitors. Once they were in, the President dismissed the agent.

“Good afternoon, Mr. President, we won’t take much of your time.”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Levitsky, how may I help you?”

“First off, I would like to let you know that Mr. Babble here is one of our new initiates and that is why I requested that he accompany me on this trip. He is a very resourceful man and someone who I see as a very promising candidate for higher offices. Secondly, I am personally extending an invitation to you to visit Summer’s Place at the end of this month. There are several points of discussion that will be brought up at this conference that I feel we will be able to implement in a much better manner.”

“Thank you very much, Mr. Levitsky, for the invitation. I will have my secretary free up my calendar. It is a great pleasure to meet you, Mr. Babble. I consider it a very great honor to be in Mr. Levitsky’s confidence.

“Good. We will leave you now to finish up your speech and see you at dinner tonight.”

“Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Levitsky. Mr. Babble.”

The two men then left the room and the President’s staff were allowed back in. As Levitsky and Babble walked down the hallway, Warren felt relieved that Levitsky was not very angry about the failed assassination. He knew, however, that he would never be totally off the hook. Both men took the elevator to the foyer of the hotel and went outside to the limo. Levitsky told the driver to take them down the Promenade to the Kurpark. While they were being driven to the park, both men sat in silence.

“This will be good enough, driver.” Levitsky said as they pulled up to the entrance. “Wait here. We’ll be back in about twenty minutes.”

Both men then got out of the car and entered the Park. Warren felt a slight alpine chill in the air and buttoned up his coat. Soon they were in a secluded area and sat on a bench.

“You are probably wondering why I gave you such a glowing endorsement to the President when your people fucked up the job I assigned you.”

“Well, yes, I was surprised.”

“As an initiate into the Temple, you are only allowed one MINOR setback. If this had been something that was a MAJOR threat then we would not be sitting here talking and Cordtex would have a new CEO. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, Master. It will NOT happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t. Have you found a replacement yet?”

“Yes, Master. In fact, he is a person who applied for a position with my brother Dizzy. For some reason, Dizzy was not impressed with his resume, but I saw more in the man than just some words on a sheet of paper. After I hired him, I had him look into this Mr. Green and see what he could find out about him first before I decided whether to have him eliminated. I believe in having all of the facts in front of me, before planning my strategy.”

“Very good. Now, from what Van Hesse tells me, your brother Dizzy may be a bit of a problem. Is this true?”

Warren squirmed inside but then straightened his shoulders and said, “I can control Dizzy, don’t worry, Master. He just tends to let alcohol get in his way sometimes.”

“I admire your devotion to your brother, but know this, if you cannot control him, then his membership will be revoked, permanently. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, as to the dinner tonight. I have another assignment for you. Ms. Claudine Genneau is an assistant to the head of the French delegation. I have been informed that she is a member of an organization that wants to see more money sent to Third World organizations. This is counter to our plans and you must find a way to discredit her. Do not kill her, just use your resourcefulness to find a way. You do not have to tell me any details; just get it done. Here is her schedule for where she will be during the conference. I want it done by Monday.”

“I will get on it right away, Master.”

“Good. Now let us get back to the hotel. We have a dinner to get ready for.”

Twelve hours after receiving his assignment, Warren Babble had made all the arrangements necessary to see that Ms. Genneau was not allowed back into Switzerland. He had papers forged showing that Ms. Genneau was having an affair with a member of the Taliban and that she was sending plans and schedules for the various heads of state. Warren had met Ms. Genneau at the dinner and, after excusing himself, went to the French President’s room and placed the papers on his bed. The papers were in a folder marked ‘Top Secret’ and had the markings of the Securite on them. When the President read them (never questioning why he had not been PERSONALLY informed), he flew into a rage. Ms. Genneau was arrested before she entered her room by Swiss Security and put on a plane back to France to stand trial after the Conference. None of the other delegates ever found out about the situation until after they had returned to their countries. Needless to say, Warren Babble felt extremely proud of himself and was sure that he had redeemed himself in the eyes of the Temple. The rest of the conference went off without a hitch.

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