Chapter 47 Excerpt

Chapter Forty-seven

After Levitsky had finished with his conference, he had the Babble brothers brought to his office. Levitsky felt that he had made it clear to the Secretary and ministers what their assignments were to be and what the consequences would be for disobeying him would be. He had just poured himself another cup of coffee when his secretary brought the brothers in. All three of them, in their own ways, tried to exude an aura of confidence, but Levitsky could smell their fear. “So, gentlemen, I hope that you all have good news to report to me.” The brothers looked at each other, then Warren spoke up: “I’m afraid that we haven’t heard anything yet. They have been told that they are to report directly to us upon a successful completion of their mission.” “I suggest that you call them and tell them that they are to have their missions completed within the next forty-eight hours or they will be terminated.” The way that Levitsky said this made it clear to the brothers that if their assistants failed in their missions, the brothers’ memberships in the Temple’s organization would also be terminated. All three of them assured Levitsky that the assignments would be carried out on time. Levitsky told them that he was to be notified as soon as they heard from the assistants. He then told them to return to their hotel and wait for the calls. After the brothers had left, Levitsky phoned Van Hesse. “Have you heard from Harper, Porter, or Djovic yet?” “Not yet, but I have told them what to expect if they fail.” “I’m afraid that we may have to go to a Plan B. The financial part of the Plan has been put into play and I will not accept any excuses for failure on your end. I think that I will have to bring in Rabisu.” “Rabisu? Not to say that your decision is wrong, but do you really think that it will come to that? Let me talk to them first before you have to resort to calling in Rabisu.” “You have 24 hours before I call in Rabisu. I would hate to have to give him your name as well as the others. Once the Plan is started there will be no turning back. The other brothers and sisters will be notified about their duties; you are to take care of the problem there and I am going to have the Babbles sent back to LA. When they get there, they are to be put under house arrest until their assistants report success, otherwise they will become useless to us and they are to be sent to the cells at Summer’s Place. Is that understood?” “Yes, of course. I will see to it.” “Make sure that you do.” When Van Hesse hung up the phone, he sat back in his chair, ran his hands over his face, then looked up the phone number for Sandra Harper. Invoking Rabisu was only resorted to as a final option.

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