Chapter 23 Excerpt

There was a thunderstorm rattling the windows at Summer’s Place.  The lights in the building had flickered on and off a couple times, so Aaron Levitsky had the servants turn off any unnecessary lights and then he went into his study.  Levitsky was waiting for information concerning the person who had been photographed with Detective Gladd.  Depending on what he would be told concerning this person, he would make a decision on how to approach the situation.  Like his friend, George Van Hesse, Aaron Levitsky hated surprises.  If anyone was going to be surprised, it would be Detective Gladd and this other person.  Aaron Levitsky did not get to where he was today by letting himself be surprised.  It was a matter of who struck first and, in order to do that, information was the most important thing.  If nothing else, Aaron Levitsky never took action until he had every bit of  information at hand.  Some people might have told him that valuable time would be lost this way, but he insisted that knowledge was more important than time.  How many mistakes had been made throughout history by someone who did not take every bit of information into account before taking decisive action.

Levitsky’s phone rang and when he answered it, it was his contact in Georgia.  She told him that the person photographed in the picture of James Gladd was the person that she had known as Allen Greene.  Levitsky knew that Greene was not this person’s real name because he had checked out the name on his computer and could not find a match of the name and the face.  He decided to notify his contact in Los Angeles to keep an eye on Detective Gladd and, should he meet up with the fictitious Mr. Greene again, then his contact was to have Greene kidnapped and sent to him.  He was positive that he would be able to get information out of Greene, but if he couldn’t, then the man would serve another…purpose.  The Night of Ereshkigal was coming soon and a “sacrifice” would have to be selected.  In the meantime, Levitsky sat down at his computer and started to write up the material that would be needed to be given to the acolytes who would be coming for the festivities.  He had to write a brief history of the Temple and then a power point rundown on the activities that would come into effect after the celebration.  Yes!  The thrill of power was an intoxicating feeling.

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