Chemophobia (A Fear of Chemicals)

Chemophobia (A Fear of Chemicals)

“So far, 35 people around the country have died from e-coli contamination of broccoli. All supplies of the contaminated broccoli have been traced to growers in Bakersfield and the state government is working with the growers to work out a system of compensation for the destruction of the current crop. In other news today…”

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Chapter Forty-three Excerpt

Fortunately, while he was at the County Assessor’s office, Gladd ran into a good friend of his who had been a big help in some of his previous cases.  He printed out a copy of all of Cordtex Industries holdings in LA county and the residences of the Babble brothers and Van Hesse.  At his work desk, he carefully went over each listing and marked them on a map.  He also decided that it might be useful to mark where the kidnappings had occurred.  As far as property holdings were concerned, there wasn’t much to go on.

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Chaetophobia (Fear of Hair)


(Fear of Hair)

Tommy Wasserman was twelve years old when he went hunting with his father in the hills of West Virginia. Because Tommy was only twelve at the time, his father thought that it would be a safer option if he taught his son how to hunt with a bow and arrow. Tommy’s father was half Cherokee on his mother’s side so he wanted to teach his son some of his native culture. Tommy was excited to be out hunting with his father since his father’s job tended to take him away from home a lot. Tommy had inherited his father’s dark hair but

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