Chiroptophobia (Fear of Bats)

The stars shined brightly through the canopy of the jungle. The occasional growl of a jaguar sounded along the breeze which came up after the late afternoon rain shower. One Flower’s father and the other men of the small tribe had returned from their long day of hunting, bringing with them a deer and a wild pig. There was enough meat to feed the village for at least a full day, and the bones and hides would be welcome additions to the villagers small trading wealth. The village lies about a full day’s journey south of the Great Capital of Tikal. Once a month, some of the men and women from the tribe would go to the market place of Tikal and trade their hides for things that had been brought from all of the other tribes of the Empire. A special treat for these villagers was the variety of fish brought in by the coastal tribes. The last time that One Flower’s father had returned from Tikal, he had brought her a special present, a beautiful piece of jade which the village craftsman had carved into the face of an owl for her to wear as a necklace and which had been strung on a thin strip of deer hide.

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