Chronophobia (Fear of Time Moving Forward)


(Fear of time moving forward)

The clouds in the night sky were slowly sailing along, occasionally cutting across the diminished face of the full moon. It had rained the night before and, due to the cool daytime temperatures, there were still puddles of muddy water on the ground and beaded drops on the blades of grass. In a corner of the south wall of Sharpsville Prison, a black widow spider was beginning to spin a fresh net of silk for potential prey.

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Chapter 29 Excerpt

“In the name of the holy mother Inanna and her consort Erishkegal, I pray for blessing on you all. The purpose of the Religion Committee is to make sure that through various media outlets, we are able to influence people’s thinking while keeping them oblivious to other matters which the chair people of the other committees will be involved in. Our committee is already proud to announce that we have formed an organization with other religious

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