Chapter 26 excerpt

What none of the men had seemed to notice was a blue Camry sitting across the street from the hotel with a certain off duty officer in it. Sergeant Ray Henson was doing his shift of keeping a eye out on the Anduiza Hotel. He had noticed the security guard, who was still in his company uniform, getting into his car. He knew that the man had made a call from outside of the hotel, then went in. He had also seen two suspicious men enter the

hotel a couple minutes later and get in the elevator with the guard. After the guard had left the hotel, from the side (Ray noted), an alarm went off in his head. Just as he was getting on his phone to ask for backup, he saw a black Rolls Royce pull out onto the street from the side of the hotel. Ray became suspicious because there weren’t that many Rolls in Boise. He called the license plate number in and waited for a reply. When the dispatcher did come back with the information, he was told that the car was registered to a Mr. Aaron Levitsky of Pocatello, Idaho. Ray called back and informed dispatch that he was going to try to follow the car for a while to see where it would be heading. Dispatch asked if he would like backup and he said not at this time. Within five minutes, the Rolls was on the freeway and heading south towards Pocatello. Ray called his brother to see what he thought that he should do. His brother told him to discontinue following the Rolls and that they should pick up the security guard for questioning instead. Since another undercover officer had tailed the security guard, they already knew where he lived. It was just a matter of deciding what to charge him with. Ray told his brother that he would go back to the hotel and check to see if Detective Gladd was alright. When he reported back to his brother that the detective was not in his room and that the TV was still on, Captain Henson ordered the guard to be brought in for questioning in regards to the disappearance of a police officer.

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