Chapter Ten

As Gladd got out of bed and opened the curtains, he noticed that the skies were covered by a marine layer. Since it was the weekend and Gladd was started to feel the carbs from last night’s pizza, he decided that he should get some running done. Ever though Gladd had a desk job, he figured that it doesn’t hurt to try to keep fit. You never know when you’ll be chasing a bad guy on foot. On the way back from his run, Gladd picked up a newspaper and stopped into a Starbucks. He ordered a latte with light foam, an apple danish, and found a seat. Gladd scanned the front page but did not read anything of particular interest. He then checked the obituaries (its a habit he picked up at the police academy) in the Extra section. At first, he didn’t notice it because he’s a skimmer, but then something told him to back up. There, near the bottom of the page, was the obituary for Eric Posner. Gladd got out his cell phone and called the station. After three rings, Gladd finally got through. The sergeant at the desk then connected him through to the person in charge of the investigation of Eric Posner’s death. Fortunately, Gladd was on good terms with her.

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