The Purging Part 1

It is 3:17 in the morning.  I have been semi-conscious since 2:05 in the morning.  In between those unseen minutes, the synapses in my brain have been firing but not really getting anywhere.  My thoughts have led me to deciding whether I should make random statements about my past, my present, or even unknowable predictions about my future and what I have come up with is something that, in a way, may seem minor.  That subject is why did I write my book The Corporate Whore of Babylon?  So sit back, sip whatever beverage you may have at hand, and make up your mind about whether this was worth the mental strain or not.

On July 12, 2010, one day after my recently departed mother’s birthday, I found myself without a job.  At the time, I was 59 years old and felt that it would be a useless waste of time for someone of my age to look for another job.  One of the things that my mother left me at her death, was her laptop.  Now, I am someone who likes to read, so I decided that I would use any free time that I had to see if I could write a book.  The main reason for this decision was because the last time that I went through a long dry spell of unemployment, I almost went mad.  I made up my mind that I would not let time slip by and drag me down that road again.  Plus, my father had died in March of 2010 and have left me an IRA account of $50,000 and about a month later, I received a check from my stepmother for $35,000 as my portion of the sale of her house.  Figuring that I might be able to survive reasonably well on this money, and applying for unemployment insurance helped, I sat down and decided on the subject matter for my book.

At the time that I was stewing over ideas for my book, one of the persistent items in the media concerned the Mayan prediction for the end of the world in December of 2012.  Now, let me just state that I, for one, was not a “believer” in this New Age phenomenom.  I did, however, think that this would be a good jumping off spot and that the genre of the book should be a murder mystery.  I chose this genre because I thought that I could use my experience as a security guard, and in a more minor way, my military experience as a Voice Intercept Operator.  This is what inspired me to open my book with the lines,”To the Mayans, December 21, 2012 is considered the end of the world. Christians believe that no one knows the hour or the day of Jesus’ coming.  To the corpse of William Babble, who was neither a Mayan or a hardcore Christian, it made no difference.  William Babble, if he had been alive, would still not care….”

End of Part 1.


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