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2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Steve fucking Fritchie. How are you my friend. Was looking for Kent Berquist and Doug Voorhees or maybe a new Mathematical formula one or both created. I found u purely by accident and couldn’t be happier. The Mustard Seed was a thousand Life’s ago but as fresh as the Berries my Grandma would have me and Eddie pick. When I read ur profile I had no doubts u were still u. Hahaha I still remember most of the Russian alphabet u forced me to recite over and over. I knew u would write cos I knew ur pain as u knew a bit of ours. More so from Eddie as a roommate. I was too busy trying to speak in tongues so I could be as Incredible as the Hoffhines. LOL I texted you last nite but my Dog interrupted me. Surprised you haven’t tackled a fictional Laird Cregar, The Lodger meets William Burroughs. It’s gotta be a Dali meets Toulouse Latrec tragedy without a Dorian Grey mirror reflecting a need for reason. Better cease for now; who knows if you even have a clue who I once was We walked the streets @ 75th and. Wornall and ate lunch at a Diner that had several attempts at being a legitimate, not Craig Claiborne of course, but a Bistro sprouting roots in fallow ground yet to mature. Linwood and Main when hope still mingled with reason. Watched you on UTube and sighed at the time memories take to form. Write me back if you are able and healthy. If not, then know somewhere there were others who thot well of you and still fondly reflect on the impressions we shared as we formed them with the innocence of youth unyet familiar with tomorrow. Be safe. Michael. Former basement dweller in Bob Mendelssohns Mustard Seed. Should have gone to the Rib. LOL

  2. Hey Steven, what’s up old friend. It’s Michael Waters from Lawrence. Remember the Seed? Love your Work but I always knew and believed. Shoot me an email and let me know how you’ve been. Be safe and stay healthy. Michael

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