A Few of my Favorite Reads

It is a bit difficult to decide which genre I favor and which authors or books had an influence on me.  I like Science Fiction (Robert Heinlein, Terry Pratchett, and Piers Anthony, for example), History, and Horror/Mystery fiction (Robert McCammon, Dean Koontz).  Science fiction is fascinating to me because it is a genre which encourages imagination.  I am interested in mostly the unusual figures of history, i.e. Tsar Peter the Great, Salvador Dali, and Alexander the Great.  Horror/Mystery is a type of genre which I believe was created by Edgar Allen Poe, who, even though he was a flawed personality, gave us some of the greatest stories of this genre.

Of these various genres, though, I would have to say that Horror/Mystery is the biggest influence in my novel, The Corporate Whore of Babylon.  The gothic charm of Robert

Robert R McCammon books - Powells

Robert R McCammon books – Powells (Photo credit: Photos by Mavis)

McCammon’s works helped me in deciding to use the darkness behind our fears and how we allow others to influence us in our daily lives, whether in politics or social issues.  This theme is also very much in evidence in the works of Dean Koontz who blends mystery and horror so well.  One other influence in my book is the psychological darkness found in

some Russian novelists such as Dostoyevsky and Gogol.  Granted, I may not have reached the heights of these authors’ abilities to paint with a consistent palette, but, I believe that for a first effort,  I did a passable (trying to be humble here) job.