Excerpt from “The Corporate Whore of Babylon”

“My name, for our purposes, is Alexander Dali. This is not my real name, it’s a safety precaution. When Mr. Babble was killed, Eric discovered his body. He called me because we were friends and he knew that something unusual was happening. I majored in Forensics at University, I won’t say which one, and Eric knew that I was interested in solving murders.” “If you have all of this education in Forensics, why don’t you work for the Police Department?” “Well, before I graduated, my father died and left me a large inheritance. I decided not to finish my education, thus this became a hobby of mine. I figured that if I worked on my own time, I would be able to educate myself. I knew that Eric worked for the Babble family, and from some of the things that he told me, I became suspicious about what he said.” “And what was that?” “He told me that the old man was acting paranoid a couple of weeks before his death. He started to mutter to himself when he thought that no one was around. One evening, as Eric was going to the den to see if Babble needed him for anything else, he found Mr. Babble asleep in his chair with his head in a book. It was a book about Babylonian history. He heard Mr. Babble mutter ‘Temple of Inanna’ in his sleep. He thought that that was unusual, since he knew that Mr. Babble was not a religious man and that he had no interest in ancient history. Instead of waking him up, he went to his room and called me. He asked me if I had ever heard of the ‘Temple of Inanna’. I told him that I hadn’t but that I would look into it. On the day that Mr. Babble died, I finally found some information on it. Believe me, it wasn’t easy.” “So what did you find out?” “Well, I flew out to Washington D.C. and went to the Library of Congress. In a biography about Jay Gould, I found a clue. If you don’t know who Jay Gould was, he was the man who built the Union Pacific railroad. I then happened to find a journal belonging to an associate of Gould’s. He mentioned that he had been approached by Gould concerning forming a secret society called ‘The Temple of Inanna’ which would be situated in Pocatello, Idaho. He said that the purpose of the society would be to bring about the takeover of the government by bankers and, what at the time were called the ‘monopolies.’ We call them corporations now. Through some of my contacts, I found out that the Temple was built and is still in existence. His journal ends on June 12, 1901. He was found murdered the next day. His last entry mentions that he had talked to a friend named Elijah Babble.” “Now you’re starting to sound like some whacky conspiracy theorist.” “Tell me, Detective Gladd, have you ever heard of the Bilderberg Group?” “No. Who are they?” “It is a group of politicians, bankers, businessmen, and military people who meet as a ‘think tank’ to discuss ways of creating social cohesion with Europe and North America through a neo-liberal form of globalization. The ‘Temple of Inanna’ makes them look like Boy scouts. All members are sworn to total secrecy under pain of death. The Temple also has a secret army of spies who report to headquarters if any member talks about the society to nonmembers. I believe that Mr. Babble’s home may have been bugged and he was killed. Eric was killed because he had called me.” “Well, why are you still alive?” “I have my ways, Detective Gladd, believe me. I am always alert and constantly moving.” “So, I know that you were the one who called the newspapers, but how did you know that Eric had been killed? And do you know who did it?” “I had called Eric earlier in the evening to tell him what I found out and to let him know that I would be coming over to take him somewhere safe. By the time that I got there, all the lights in the house were out, so I went to the pool area to look through the glass doors. That was when I found his body and called the newspapers.” “And you didn’t see anyone or any strange vehicles.” “No. That was when I decided that we should both meet.”

“So what do you have in mind?” “For now, I think that we should keep working together as we have. If one or both of us are being spied on, it seems that it would be the best way. If I discover anything else out, then I will contact you.”