Excerpt from The Corporate Whore of Babylon

Chapter Sixteen

The Georgia sun beat down on the rental car as it made its way along the county road. Alex had set the coordinates for the Georgia Guide Stones in his GPS and he expected to be able to see them soon. He picked up his bottle of water and took a quick sip. There weren’t many vehicles on the road, but he was anxious to get there. The scarcity of vehicles made him think that he could check out the stones without anyone noticing him. Within 5 minutes, he saw the sign which pointed the way to the Stones. He was amazed when the Stones came into view even though he had seen pictures of them before he came to Georgia. He stopped and parked in the small lot that was at the site. He first noticed a small plaque with a brief history about the Stones. With a pad and pen in hand, he walked up to the Stones and found the inscriptions that he was looking for. He wrote down the classical Greek and Babylonian inscriptions and then started to walk back to the car. As he was walking back, he noticed a post with CCTV affixed to it. He lowered his head and kept on walking. When he got into the car, he rolled down the window and picked up his briefcase. He had studied Greek in college, but he was a bit rusty. He took out a dictionary from the case and started flipping through the pages. After a couple of frustrating minutes, he closed the dictionary, closed his briefcase, and started the car. As he was getting ready to pull out of the lot, a police car pulled up to him. “Good day, officer. Is something wrong?” “No sir. Whenever someone spends too much time at the Guide Stones, we get a call to investigate. We have had trouble with vandals here before, sir. May I ask why you spent so much time in your car after inspecting the Stones?” “Yes, officer. I am writing a mystery novel involving the Guide Stones as one of several locations. I’m hoping to see if I can get Hollywood interested in making it into a movie since conspiracy theories seem to be a hot topic nowadays.” ”Yeah, I saw a TV show about that. People seem to believe anything when they don’t have anything better to do.” “Yes they do, luckily for me. I was wondering, officer, since I understand that the company that built the Stones is still in business, if you could tell me how to get to the Elberton Granite Finishing Company?” “Sure can. Just head on east about three miles and you’ll see a sign pointing it out.” “Thank you officer…?” “Dudley, sir.” “Officer Dudley. If you don’t mind, maybe I could use you as one of the characters in my book.”

“Well,…I suppose that would be alright.” “If Hollywood options it, who do you think should play you?” “Oh hell, I don’t know. I am a bit partial to either Mr. Clint Eastwood or Burt Reynolds.” he said as his cheeks started to redden. “Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. Once again, thank you for the directions, Officer Dudley.” “You’re quite welcome, Mr…I didn’t get your name?” “Allen Green.” “Mr. Green. Well, take care now.” “Will do.” and Alex smiled and drove east. He wasn’t sure if he really wanted to talk to someone at the Finishing Company, but decided that he would head out that way, so as not to arouse Officer Dudley’s suspicions. He decided that he would just go there and act as if he was interested in having some stone work done and then would drive back to Atlanta. He wanted to get back to Los Angeles and visit a professor friend of his who was fluent in Ancient Greek.

What goes on

There are several events in my book The Corporate Whore of Babylon  which are relevant to the primary murder.  The murder of a hustler is relevant because it is handled by a fellow detective,Lt. Donna Henson, who has worked with Detective Gladd before.  It is eventually revealed that her murder victim is connected to Gladd’s investigation.  Both of these detectives are also assisted by a techno-nerd with a penchant for disguises using a pseudonym of Alexander Dali.  Lt. Henson’s victim leads the trio to a yacht in Newport Beach which is owned by one of William Babble’s sons.  The question becomes, did one of his sons kill the hustler or did someone else?

Another event of relevance is Det. Gladd’s trip to a small town in Idaho.  This aids in giving more information to the reader about the “bad guy” and what the trio of investigators are up against.  While Gladd is checking into strange things in Idaho, Alex Dali is in Ebert County, Georgia following up on a lead that the Georgia Guide Stones may hold an answer to some of the mystery behind Babble’s death.

I also have used some other recent areas of interest to conspiracy theorists, such as the Bildenberg Conference, the Mayan Prophesy, and a (sorry,the group’s name eludes me right now) group of politicians and business leaders who go on a yearly retreat in the Russian River area in Northern California.

I feel that these factors help to draw in people who are interested in these subjects and, at the same time, create a venue for pro and con discussions.  These subjects have been the topics of Brad Meltzer’s and Gov. Jessie Ventura’s television shows.  I admit that I was inspired by these shows, but the fact that they are being discussed makes this book relevant in today’s, what I like to call, “sheeple” society.