“The Corporate Whore of Babylon” Excerpt

Chapter 1

To the Mayans, December 21, 2012 is considered the end of the world. Christians believe that no one knows the hour or the day of Jesus’ coming. To the corpse of William Babble, who was neither a Mayan or a hardcore Christian, it made no difference. William Babble, if he had been alive, would still not care. As CEO of Cordtex Industries, the only thing that mattered to William Babble was profits and how much taxes his company could avoid.

His nude 65 year old body was found on the floor of his Malibu bedroom. James Gladd, who is a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, was kneeling by the body of the victim looking for any clues to the man’s death. Gladd is 35 years old, divorced, no children and has a pet parrot named Sasha. Mr. Babble had no marks on his body, unless you count a “Semper Fi” tattoo on his upper right arm. He ran a billion dollar tire company that was started by his grandfather in 1899. He had been married twice and had four sons by his second wife, Leah. His sons names (in order of age) are Warren, Frederick, Disraeli (or “Dizzy”), and Edwin. Along with seven other people, they are on the board of Cordtex Industries.Untitled

So, as Gladd was looking over the body before the coroner arrived, his sergeant Dale Innov came up to him and asked “Did you find anything suspicious?”

“No” he said, “but then finding a dead body on the floor is not always suspicious to me”.

“How so?”

“Well, since he is nude, I suspect that he either was getting ready for bed or that he slept in the nude. Secondly, why is his head pointed towards the foot of the bed? And thirdly, why are there no water glasses or coffee cups in the bedroom”?

“Why is that so important”?

“Well, if there was a cup or glass on the nightstand, I would suspect poison, but since there isn’t, then, for now, I’ll have to rule out poison”.

“Alright, I see your point.”

Just then the emergency personnel and the coroner arrived on the scene. Dr. Ned Chang walked up to the body, examined it, and then had it loaded up into the ambulance.

“Well, Ned” he said, “looks like you’ve got an interesting case on your hands tonight”.

He looked over at Gladd and said:

“Money is the only thing that makes this an interesting case. Otherwise, it would be the same as having a body from Skid Row brought in”.

“Well, Doc, aren’t you an optimist”.

“You know that I call them as I see them. So who made the call to you guys”?

“Mr. Babble’s valet made the call about an hour ago”. “Okay, well I’ll give you a call if I find anything interesting”. “Yeah, you do that Doc”.

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