The Corporate Whore of Babylon: An Excerpt

Chapter Eighteen Looking out of the airplane window, Gladd saw that the sea was sparkling and the sky was clear. He had called Ned to let him knew that he was coming back and that he would pick up Sasha around 6 o’clock. Hopefully, Sasha would be in a good mood because he tended to ignore Gladd when he felt that he was being abandoned. David was fascinated with Sasha so Gladd felt that would help alleviate Sasha’s sense of abandonment. Either way, Gladd was always happy to see his “buddy” and knew that he would be eventually forgiven. Just then, the captain made the announcement that the plane would be landing in ten minutes and that all seat belts were to fastened. Gladd quickly retrieved his back pack from the overhead compartment, set it at his feet and fastened his seat belt. After getting off of the plane, he went to the baggage carousel and retrieved his small suitcase and fishing gear. He found his stub for the parking attendant and waited while his car was being brought. He didn’t notice anything or anyone who looked suspicious, but he stayed aware of his surroundings all the same. As he pulled out of the parking garage, he occasionally checked his mirror to make sure that he wasn’t being followed. Traffic was fairly light, so he managed to get back to his apartment in thirty minutes. He unlocked his apartment door, went over and opened the sliding glass door to his balcony and watched the small amount of people who had no where to go on a Wednesday morning. He went back into the apartment, turned on the television to catch up with the news, and went into the kitchen to make a small pot of coffee. “At noon, Pacific Standard Time today, the President will hold a press conference concerning the forthcoming Economic Summit to be held in Davos, Switzerland this weekend. The topics are expected to relate to the world wide recession and finding means to resolve it. Among the expected representatives for the United States will be Warren Babble, Aaron Levitsky, and Dale Westmore.” As soon as Gladd heard the first two names, his eyebrows raised and he decided that he would watch the press conference just to see what this Aaron Levitsky looked like since he had not been able to find any pictures from his sources. “In local news, an unidentified body has been discovered lying on a bus bench in Santa Monica.

The "Santa Monica Harbor" neon sign ...

The “Santa Monica Harbor” neon sign at entrance to the Monica Pier|Santa Monica Pier]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The unknown man was found shot in the head around 3 AM this morning. He is described as around 6 feet tall, blond hair, and around 35 years old. The body was reported to the police by a homeless man who thought the man was sleeping while waiting for a bus. If anyone has any information concerning this person, please contact the Santa Monica police at (310) 555-6829.” At that moment, Gladd’s cell phone went off. He saw that the phone number was blocked. “Hello, James Gladd here.” “We have to meet.” “Alex? What’s wrong?” “I got home last night from Georgia and found someone waiting for me inside my house. It looks like I stirred up a hornet’s nest. Can you meet me at the Pier in half an hour?”